Agrotrend Strongman and Tractor Pull

Agrotrend Strongman  - Male, Female and Kids


Individual event will be 4 separate events with the overall winner across the 4 winning the prize money. 


Log Lifts in 60sec - Male 70kg/Female 40kg

30m Farmers Walk for time - Male 135kg/Female 75kg

Deadball Lifts in 60sec - Male 60kg/Female 40kg

6 Tyre Flips for time - Male Large Tyre/Female Medium Tyre


Strong Kids Event

30m Deadball Carry 20/12

30m Farmers Walk

6 x Tyre Flips

Sled Drag


For more information contact 

Blake Hornbrook

Director of 3b'z Fitness

Mobile - 0428534363

Email - [email protected]

Website -